Restrict ticket by email to authoritative domain

We currently have an external mapping for our RT system for login. Our queue aliases are setup as ‘’ which allows for creation of tickets from any source. Can we restrict this to just email from our domain and reject everything else?

You could write a custom RT mail plugin, but a even easier approach is to set that config for your MTA. I believe Postfix has an option for that:

You could also write an “on create” scrip that checks the requestor email and if it doesn’t match the domains you want sets the ticket status to something like rejected. Then periodically run the shredder to remove the rejected tickets.

If your RT is sat on top of something like EXIM, you can set router rules on your MX/MTA, that control relaying for domains

Our RT Postfix instance simply relays to our primary campus SMTP server. The fix was reasonably straight forward. Create a whitelist, postmap it and done.

Add this to your postfix
smtpd_sender_restrictions = check_sender_access hash:/etc/postfix/whitelist, reject

and create your whitelist file which contains
<domain_name> OK