Restarting Web Server & MySQL Server has gone away message

Hi Everyone,

Is there some direct correlation between restarting the web server which
hosts RT, having people logged into RT, and the “MySQL Server has gone
away message”? Twice this week I restarted the web server and twice this
week two tickets which were entered a few moments after the restart, via
the RT web interface, were “lost” and the “MySQL server has gone away
message generated”. I have sent messages before about this message,
increased MySQL parameters, etc., and there still seems to be no logical
explanation on why this occurs. We get this message on an average of one
or two a month for about 1000 tickets entered. We are running RT 3.4.4,
MySQL 4.1.5, Apache 2.0.55 and mod_perl2.0.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

Take care!


Nick Metrowsky

Consulting System Administrator

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