REST API only shows "total" and "pages" when user is a superuser

RT 5.0.5 changed the REST API in a way, that only superusers can see the “pages” and “total” fields on a search request via the REST API.


If called with a priviledged user, “total” and “pages” are both null. When called with a superuser account the correct numbers are returned.

I guess it’s because the SeeAll call on searches requires SuperUser rights (, sorry, can only post 2 links in total over here)

I will also open a bug report on for this, but in my experience this is not read by the developers so I will try it over here.

Bug report: Login

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A shame this wasn’t exposed as either a configuration option or an extra “SeeAPITotals” right so that RT admins could choose whether to expose this data to their REST users or not. I can imagine this is potentially going to cause a few issues with API users who purposely don’t run the API with super user rights (for good reasons!).