REST 1.0 Using Postman


I’m looking at the documentation for REST 1.0 and trying to figure out how I would authenticate, create a ticket, and add a ticket comment using Postman. I currently don’t have access to the RT system, so I can’t test anything. I just wanted to see if anyone here is using Postman and how they are doing things.

I understand to get a Session-Token I need to send my username and password to HTTP://my.rt.server, but I don’t understand what format to use in Postman. Would I send the user/pass in the request body, and if so, what format would I use? form-data, x-www-form-urlencoded, json, etc? or could I use basic auth?

Create Ticket & Comment:
For these requests, I also don’t understand what format the body needs to be in, json or form-data or something else. I am also confused about the “content” variable that the documentation talks about. How does the body need to look in postman with this “content” variable?

I appreciate any help on this. I just want to get a head start understanding how to use the API for when I do get access. Thank you in advance.

I have used Postman for the REST1 and REST2 API, I am not sure if this is the best way to export some of my existing request but I was able to create a sharable link:

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I greatly appreciate you sharing this! I never would’ve guessed that was the way to set up the “content”. You just saved me a lot of trial and error!