Resource availability problems

I’m experiencing a rather vague problem on our RT box. It’s a
FreeBSD-STABLE box, as of yesterday, but the problem has been kicking around
for some time.

What’s happening is that every so often – and more often in the past couple
days – I’ll get a an error when editing a file. It doesn’t seem to follow
any pattern, and I’ve only seen it when using vi*. The error is:

Error: input: Resource temporarily unavailable

And then vi will freeze for a period of time (I’ve seen it from 1-~25
seconds), and I’ll be booted out of the session. Has anyone seen this
before? Have any suggestions?

And the specifics…

Box: PIII/1GHz, 756MB RAM
OS: FreeBSD-STABLE, as of Aug. 20
HD: RAID1, 2x40GB drives
RT: 2.0.15pre1, also seen on 2.0.13
Backend: PostgreSQL 7.2.1_1, installed from the ports
VM Configuration: These are mostly based on guesses. Any comments

               options         SHMMAXPGS=65536
               options         SHMALL=65536
               options         SHMMAX="(SHMMAXPGS*PAGE_SIZE+1)"
               options         SEMMNS=127

Note that I don’t think this is an RT problem, rather, I’m pretty sure it’s
a configuration problem, probably in the VM kernel config lines above. I’m
just wondering if anyone’s seen this before, or has some general
recommendations for PostgreSQL SHM/SEM configurations. I’ve done a quick
google search, but came up with nada.

  • Also possibly related, we recently put an instance of RT up under SSL. We
    couldn’t use it, because too many people were having timeouts or
    page-not-found errors. Apache runs on the same machine that RT does. Not
    sure if it was reporting the same problem or not.