Resolving with Comment interface very confusing

When selecting Resolve from the actions menu, you are presented with the option to write a comment about the resolution. Above this comment block is another block with the recipients. The requestor is selected by default. I think that any reasonable person would assume that this comment is going to be sent to that contact which is checked by default. However, this comment is not sent to that person.

At first I assumed I must have some odd setting preventing this, but as far as I can tell that is not the case. It really seems like the interface is just “lying” about what will happen. Training my users on the fact that it is completely non-intuitive seems like the least best solution. Could the interface simply be fixed to not mis-inform in this way?

Or, indeed, am I doing something wrong with my permissions or scrip settings?

I haven’t the requestor selected by default…

We ran in the same issue. Even veteran users did not know this is a comment and it is not send to requestors. The UI ist very confusing at this point.

There is a configuration-item ‘actions’ in

See: How to change default on resolve to Correspond instead Comment

That is one of the basic fundamentals of RT…comments don’t generate notifications to requestors, nor are they able to see them. Only correspndence is visible to the requestor

Hi Kyle

This is right and it is good this way. That was not the issue and question. It was a question of UI/UX and design.

The problem is: one click “Resolve” as action, get an interface with text to insert, puts in the solution and resolve the ticket. It is hard to notice the “Comment” in the right upper corner of the screen.

So the expectation of the most users I asked is to produce a correpondence with the Resolve action.

But greatly it is possible to configure this behavior.

regards, Andre.