Resolve Incident Report/Incident as True Positive or False Positive


I hope you are doing good.

I need to apply somehow a mandatory field on resolve Incident Reports or Incidents with field of true positive or false positive to collect metrics from our environment.

What it is the best approach?

Thank you

Did you look at the custom field Resolution that come by default on RT-IR?
You will want to edit the values, and enforce it, but that seems the usual approach.

Hello Angel,

Thank you for the answer and yes I did look to custom field Resolution and I edited the values and enforced. But is there any approach to customize the Resolve buttom and enforce this custom field on the resolve page? The Incident resolve page has the field. How can I change the Incident Report Resolve page the same way?

Thank you

Hey @pedro.cunha,

It’s possible this extension will do what you want:

“RT-Extension-MandatoryOnTransition - Require core fields and ticket custom fields on status transitions”


Thank you for the info.

Can you show me an example of the configuration?

My configuration is:

Set( %MandatoryOnTransition,
    'Incident Reports' => {
        '* -> resolved'      => ['CF.Resolution'],
        'CF.Resolution' => { transition => '* -> resolved', must_be => ['true positive', 'false positive'] }

But is not working. I do not see any change on Resolve action.


I assume you’ve loaded the extension?


I use it on a standard Support queue as follows:

Set( %MandatoryOnTransition,
    'Support' => {
        '* -> resolved' => [

And when I change a ticket from open to resolved via the web interface without CF.Resolution set, I see:

Resolution is required when changing Status to resolved

I use RTIR but haven’t implemented any mandatory fields. I wondered if MandatoryOnTransition didn’t support RTIR but just read in projects’ README:

Also works with RTIR 5.0.3 and later
If running with RTIR, the Plugin line for RTIR must come first in your configuration as shown below.


Check your version of RT and ensure you’ve got the plugins loading in correct order?

I followed the documentation and also did the example you provided but still with no effect.

My version is 5.0.2, maybe just works with RTIR 5.0, 5.0.3 and later

Yeah, I would suggest updating to 5.0.3. I just found the release notes for RTIR 5.0.3 that seem to confirm this:

“This release of RTIR adds compatibility with two popular extensions that are often used with RT.”