Resolution for my speed issue

This may not apply to a lot of people, but I wanted to make it known anyway.

Sun Ultra 2 / Solaris 8
RT 3.0.4RC2
Perl 5.8.0
Mysql 4.0.12
Apache 1.3.27
Mod_perl 1.2.7

I needed a really simple interface to RT so I asked, and someone on the list suggested a CGI-to-email gateway.
I checked Matt’s site, found he recommends the London Perl Mongers versions now, and got the from them.

The problem was that everything worked but it would take about two minutes to get a response back from the form.
RT itself was not that slow, and I mostly upgraded to 3.0.4RC2 as a ‘straw’ (to grab at).

Finally I decided that since I was going through ‘sendmail’ maybe I should check ONE MORE TIME for a fix to that annoying (but harmless) message it gave “my unqualified hostname host name unknown sleeping for retry”.

Have I given it away yet? blush

BTW, I have gone into the and changed the ‘Dj’ entry to specify the full domain but that didn’t seem to do the trick.

When one builds a new Solaris system the /etc/hosts file contains short names (which is the default for Solaris in my experience). I think that normally the file /etc/domainname is used for NIS and DNS completions. Apparently sendmail doesn’t like that setup.

I edited the /etc/hosts file and added a FQDN in front of the two aliases the setup created and the problem went away.

Also, response time to create a new ticket (from the web form side) is about 5-10 seconds.

Considering all that is going on I think that is plenty fast.



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