Resending last Correspondence

Due to the combined effect of two different configurations, some of
our emails weren’t getting delivered AND the errors weren’t getting
reported. Fun I know.

I generated a list of all the emails that would have failed, and what
I’d like to do is have a script resend the last correspondence for any
ticket created by those users in the last two weeks.

I have a query to get the ticket IDs going directly against mysql
(doing something similar for reporting). I should be able to feed the
ticket IDs into a perl script and find the last correspondence for
those tickets like I’m doing in a template as follows:

my $Transactions = $Ticket->Transactions;
$Transactions->Limit( FIELD => ‘Type’, VALUE => ‘Correspond’,
SUBCLAUSE => ‘kafquotesearch’ );
$Transactions->Limit( FIELD => ‘Type’, VALUE => ‘Create’, SUBCLAUSE =>
‘kafquotesearch’ );

$Transactions->OrderByCols (
{ FIELD => ‘Created’, ORDER => ‘DESC’ },
{ FIELD => ‘id’, ORDER => ‘DESC’ },

my $last_correspondence;
my $Correspondence = $Transactions->First;
if( $Correspondence && $Correspondence->id ) {
$last_correspondence = $Correspondence->Content;

What I’m not sure about is the best way to script sending the
correspondence. If anyone has a code example, I’d appreciate it and
would be happy to send something yummy from the bakery!