RES: RES: Query doesn't show "DependsOn" Field

Jesse and All,

I installed yesterday 3.4.2rc1 version and the problem keep as the old version (3.4.1).

I made 2 tests:

  • First, I made the 3.4.2rc1 version to point to my current database (that has been populated by 3.4.1 version)… and in this case, the dependences simply disappeared!! I mean, the dependences don’t appear on Display page!!

Sounds like you forgot to set $Organization.

You’re right!!! Done it!! :slight_smile:

  • After, I created a database for this new version and populated whith some ticket’s (of course, with dependences between them). Running a query with “DependsOn” column, nothing appear in this field!!

Perhaps you want the DependedOnBy field?

Nops… Because if I add “DependsOnBy” the result shows links to itself.
For example, I’ve a ticket with ID number 911. This ticket has 2 dependences trought “DependsOn” field. And when I execute a query with “DependsOnBy” field, it shows 2 links as result (Ok until now), but links (and label) to ticket 911, but should be for dependeces tickets, shouldn’t be?! And when I add “DependsOn” in query, nothing appear… when in fact, this fields that should show the dependences… right?!