RES: Browser's Authentication show up every time! has just the follow lines:

Set($WebExternalAuth , “true”);
Set($WebFallbackToInternalAuth , undef);
Set($WebExternalGecos , undef);
Set($WebExternalAuto ,“true”);

Is it something wrong in this lines?? I don’t think so…

How can I check session’s aspects? Can be this the answer to my problem??

Somebody has another answer/question to my problem?!

Thank’s ALL!!!

Rodolfo Reis.

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Para: Rodolfo de Moraes Reis;
Assunto: Re: [rt-users] Browser’s Authentication show up every time!!

Hello All;

I’m using LDAP authentication to allow users access RT. But, even so the user
was autheticated with success, the authentication window keep showing up
sometimes… However, this user had success in the first time… So, where is
the problem?? Apache? RT? LDAP Server?

Thanks in advance!!!

Server with:

  • Fedora Core 3
  • RT 3.4.1
  • Apache 2.0.50
  • moperl2
  • MySQL 4.1.8

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Check your the url might be a bit wrong, or the session