I have a tricky problem. I have a set of users that can not send mail
from a common correspondance address. They can (and want to) recieve
mail to a common adddress - just not send to it. Sigh.

My solution is to create user accounts for each sending party - but the
problem is that I want them all to view/comment any ticket via
self-service that is created by any one of them…i.e self service only
shows you stuff that you are the requestor for…

There’s a number of ways I could solve this:

a) Create a scrip to on ticket creation from X users, auto modify the
ticket to add X users to the requestors list.

b) rewrite/change the “from” info in the mail header to a common "from"
address (but leaving the reply alone) at SMTP time.

c) ???

I can probably wangle the SMTP hackery, but I need some help as to how I
could use a scrip to do solution A.

Failing A&B, does anyone have a suggestion C? Is there a way I can force
the self service part to associate a group of users to a given user

Right now B seems like the best option…