Requestors field is not being set when logged in as privileged user


With RT 3.4.5 when logged in as a privileged user if we change the
requestors’ email address to be someone other than the user who is
logged in the ticket gets created with no requestor assigned to the
ticket. Consequently the person for whom you are creating the ticket
does not get any email notification.

If a non privileged user does the same thing, the requestor field gets
filled and the requester is notified, but the GUI reports back an error
that the logged in user does not have permission to view the ticket.
This I understand and can fix (if I ever want a non-priv user to send a
request on someone elses behalf) but I do not understand why the
privileged user can not create a ticket for on behalf of somene else.

They can change the requestor field later by going to the ticket->people
link and setting the requestor, but the requestor is not being set when
the ticket is initially created when logged in as a privileged user.

Any ideas?

Steve McDonald