Requestor WorkPhone

We want a method to capture a user phone # in a ticket. My initial thought was to create a custom field called Phone # and apply that to all of my queues. Works great, except my CIO wants to be able to search on Phone number, so when he started exploring, came across a search field parameter under Search>>Tickets>>New Search>>Requestor (initally set to Requestor Email address)
In the drop down available to this field, is a Requestor WorkPhone. He would like to see this visible as part of the template for creating a new ticket. I was inclined to think that because this was a query, that particular field attribute somehow mapped back to WorkPhone under user attributes. This data isn’t currently captured by our SAML login process.The CIO would like to see this field (
Requestor WorkPhone) somehow made available to the ticket template. Anyone know whether this would be possible?

If you’re just looking to display that info you could enable the “more about requestor portlet” and then add WorkPhone to this config:

To be able to edit the user records WorkPhone value from the ticket page, you’d need some custom code