Requestor self-resolving a ticket gets undone

I’d like to have RT allow requestors to resolve their own tickets… For
example, sometimes someone submits a ticket and then realizes there
isn’t really a problem – users have asked for the ability to resolve
such a ticket.

Everything I’ve tried, I’ve been able to have the requestor change the
state to resolved via the SelfService. However, immediately after that,
the ticket gets reopened. In order for the resolve to stick, the user
must provide a comment.

We have the standard Scrip #1, which is re-open the ticket on
correspondence. I’ve modified the condition to only fire this scrip if
the Type is Correspond and the Transaction Creator is a Requestor. It
works fine.

I suspect that Scrip #1 is re-opening the ticket after it’s been
resolved because of the comment correspondence.

I’ve tried batching Scrip #1, but there is no effect.

What I’d like to have RT do is add the comment first, then resolve the
ticket, but it appears to resolve the ticket then add the comment.

Anyone have any ideas how I can maintain the intended functionality of
Scrip #1 (as a contest mechanism) while allowing users to resolve their
own tickets via the SelfService?



   Have you tried letting the role of requestor have the right to 

own and modify a ticket? If the requestor can see it, own it, reply to
it and modify it, then the requestor should be able to change the
status. That’s my idea anyway.


Eric Horne wrote: