Requestor mail

Hi, folks:

I’m running RT 1.0.7 on Solaris 2.7 and I’ve got a question regarding
the mail received by requestors. As I understand it:

o Requestors always receive correspondence mail.
o Requestors receive, if configured (which I have), "autoreply"
mail when they create new requests.
o Depending on the configuration, requestors either receive no
transaction mail or all transaction mail except comments.

I would like my requestors to receive transaction mail except
comments, but I don’t want them receiving duplicate mail for
correspondence and new requests. That is, I want a third transaction
mail option for requestors: all transaction mail except new requests,
correspondence, and comments.

I’m willing to hack the perl myself; can someone point me to the
appropriate spot in the source? Better yet, has someone already done
this who can send me a diff?


				--Cliff Krumvieda