Request tracker works like new installed one

hello every one

I have an RT instance that is working for about 2 years. today some of our employees called and report some issues on RT like they couldnt open RT. I restarted apache, potgresql and RT services. now when I want to open RT in my browser it says that there is no database connected to RT. I should create new one or use an exsisting DB. the thing is I already have a database and it is full of data!

the error is:

Getting started
You’re seeing this screen because you started up an RT server without a working database. Most likely, this is the first time you’re running RT. If you click “Let’s go!” below, RT will guide you through setting up your RT server and database.
If you already have a working RT server and database, you should take this opportunity to make sure that your database server is running and that the RT server can connect to it. Once you’ve done that, stop and start the RT server.

can anyone help me?

If you use the Postgres command line interface, can you see the RT database in the database server?