Request Tracker System Administrator Remote Training Announced!

Please join us for our next remote training session!

Request Tracker for System Administrators
Date: June 24th, 2020
Time: 10 AM-2:30 PM US Eastern Time (includes 30-minute break)

Agenda to include:

  • Installing RT
  • RT dependencies
  • Perl for RT
  • Database options and considerations
  • Integrating and managing email
  • Tuning RT and your database
  • Profiling and debugging RT
  • Installing extensions
  • Upgrading RT

Other sessions include; Request Tracker User Training, Request Tracker Administration, Request Tracker Integration and Automation, Request Tracker for Incident Response (RTIR), and RT Development: Writing RT Extensions. We will announce the dates for the remaining sessions soon.

To see the full details and sign up for our sessions please visit our training page .

If you’re from an academic institution, are a current support customer, or plan to attend multiple sessions please contact us ahead of time to arrange for special pricing.