Request Tracker (re)Written in Go - Request For Help

As an educational project, I’ve started to convert Request Tracker into
the Go language. This is indeed a large project, so I’ve decided to start
with something small, namely the “rt” program. This is a small subset of the
full Request Tracker system.

I’m expecting that I won’t have to change any of the non-Perl files in the
Request Tracker distribution, which should simplify this project.

I’ve had some success with this approach, and can currently run the “rt show”
and “rt list” commands, and I’m working on “rt create”. To get this far, a bunch
of stuff has to be working. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.

I’ve been using the standalone_httpd web server since I don’t need any
fancy web server features. This will change once “rt” is done.

But, more and more I’m starting to hit problems caused by my lack of understanding
of some of the more obscure aspects of Perl. So far I’ve either been able to figure
them out or work around them, but I’ve been lucky. On the other hand, rewriting
into Go has been very easy.

So, I’m looking for help. What I’d like would be someone who’s very good at
Perl, ideally in the context of Request Tracker internals. This would be someone
I could go to when I have problems. Such a person would not need to know Go.
I doubt that this would be very time consuming.

Of course, any results from this project will be free and open source.

If you’re interested, please contact me directly at

Jon Forrest

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