Request Tracker Installation - Utter Hell!

Hello all,

Has anyone been able to install this thing successfully?
Is installation made intentionally difficult as hell?
No matter what installation guide i’m using there are always some issues.

Is there an easy step by step guide on how to install rt?

Hi @acoolov, sorry you’re having trouble with it. I install and configure lots of different software and RT is far from the most challenging that I’ve come across. Your best bet is to start with the instructions in RT itself:

And then come back and ask specific questions when you have trouble with a specific step.

Good luck, and we hope you keep at it!

I involved like half of India to help install this thing and we still can’t make it fully operational. Was it made difficult to install so they make money on providing support services or something? We’re going to have another attempt on it today. We’ll see how it turns out.

I’m stuck on this step of the istructions

Download MySQL from, and issue the following commands:

tar -xzf mysql-4.1.15
cd mysql-4.1.5
./configure –prefix=/usr/local/mysql --with-innodb –enable-thread-safe-client
make test
make install

The third command doesn’t even work! Can someone help me and explain what each command is supposed to be and what it’s supposed to do in this step?

That sentence does not occur in the documentation of the product, which
Todd pointed you at:

I don’t know what unofficial guide you’re following, but I concur with
Todd – start with the official instructions, and ask questions
(showing full error messages) when you run into problems following
those. We can’t help you if you’re following some other arbitrary set
of out-of-date and unofficial instructions.

It looks like the guide you’re following was trying to make you compile
MySQL by hand. This is probably unnecessary, as your Linux
distribution almost certainly provides a pre-built package of MySQL
that you can install.

  • Alex