Request assistance understanding unexpected mail behavior

Installation is RT 3.0.11 (win32) - default, out of the box config
running on WIN2K Server

Edited configuration to reflect SMTPServer preference. Using a
Symantec Mail Security for SMTP Gateway v4.x. RT outbound mail is
accepted / delivered by SAVSMTP Gateway with a caveat - only the first
address logged as sent to actually receives the message. We’re not
logging an errors in the SAVSMTP gateway, appears like addresses 1+
aren’t being processed, only the first address listed actually receives
a copy of the message.

This behavior is even more confusing for clients and technicians
because the lucky person that does get the message sees the other
addresses listed as cc’s of the mail received. The cc’s are valid - a
reply all will mail all listed.

Trying to diagnose and fix this is making me a little nuts. Any kind
soul out there able to clear up this mystery and clue me in to what’s
going on?

Specific example - from \Program Files\OurInternet\Request

Ticket 17 requester is
Scrip 5 - on correspond, notify requesters and ccs
Scrip 6 - on correspond, notify other recipients

My read of the log is that Scrip 5 sent correspondence to and, and
but in fact only the first address, received the

I would also conclude that Scrip 6 sent correspondence to and but in fact only received the message.

[Sat Aug 28 22:16:43 2004] [info]:
rt-3.0.11-17-42.13.9727783203125@AAMC.ORG #17/42 - Scrip 5
(C:/Program Files/OurInternet/Request
[Sat Aug 28 22:16:44 2004] [info]:
rt-3.0.11-17-42.13.9727783203125@AAMC.ORG sent To: Cc:,,
Bcc: (C:/Program Files/OurInternet/Request
[Sat Aug 28 22:16:44 2004] [info]:
rt-3.0.11-17-42.10.6793212890625@AAMC.ORG #17/42 - Scrip 6
(C:/Program Files/OurInternet/Request
[Sat Aug 28 22:16:45 2004] [info]:
rt-3.0.11-17-42.10.6793212890625@AAMC.ORG sent To:, Cc: Bcc:
(C:/Program Files/OurInternet/Request

What am I overlooking?