Replying to email questions, Notify CC not working


I am having a few issues and some questions regarding commenting a ticket
and replying via email:

When I have questions regarding a ticket that need to be answered by someone
other than the requestor I will comment a ticket and CC someone. When this
person responds to the email it comes in to RT and adds to the ticket. Once
the email message is recorded in the ticket an email is generated to the
Requestor with the content of the incoming email. How can I make it so the
owner is the only person that receives this type of email, and the Requestor
doesn’t receive anything?

This is currently how I have the scrips and templates set up:

Global Scrip: OnCommentCC
Condition: On Comment
Action: Notify Other Recipients as Comment
Template: Global Template: CommentCCTemplate
Stage: TransactionCreate

Global Template: CommentCCTemplate
Content: Subject: [Comment] {my
$s=($Transaction->Subject||$Ticket->Subject); $s =~ s/[Comment]//g;
$comment =~ s/^Re//i; $s;}


To see the ticket please go to:

The way I understand it from the RT Essentials book is when you use Notify
Other Recipients as Comment the reply should come in as a comment, not as
correspondence so the Requestor shouldn’t be notified.

I would like when the commented email is replied to RT will send an email to
the Owner with the contents of the email. I am guessing I can just create
another scrip to Notify Owner On Comment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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