Reply/Comment by a CC


I have read the rtfm several times now and I guess my brain is not working
as it should this Friday.

However, I have a problem where people (not being requestors, or owners) not
are able to respond on comments or replies that are CC:ed to them.

What addresses and ACL rights are needed for this to work ?

First I added

|"/install/rt/rt2_14/bin/rt-mailgate --queue support --action comment"

to my already existing

|"/install/rt/rt2_14/bin/rt-mailgate --queue support --action

Then I added comment address under "Configuration->Queues->support->Comment
Adress to

Then I also tried with adding global group rights for CC:s and Everybody so
they got “CommentOnTicket and ReplyToTicket”.

But I still got problems. When I recieve the CC:ed message and replies to it
(it sets To: But I still recive a message saying:

Comment not recorded in the Subject line and the From adress is I guess this is from the

What should I set this to and how should I configure the system to be able
to reply on CC:ed messages for people not having users in the RT system ?
they don’t really need to be able to add new tickets, bu I want them to be
able to add their replies on CC:ed messages.



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