Replies To Resolved extension - per queue configuraion?

We’re looking to use the Replies To REsolved extension to help manage our ticket lifecycles - RT::Extension::RepliesToResolved - intercept replies to resolved tickets -

However, our set up is a little different. We only allow tickets to be created in a single queue & then moved around through the server depending on what the issue is. It looks like this plugin will only create the ticket in the current queue. Is there a way to configure it such that I can create the ticket in a specific queue? The possible work around is to grant the Requestor/CC the ability to create tickets. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Stephen.

I have to work on the same issue but didn’t start implementation yet. Your solution from 2018 is also on my reading list: Keeping Resolved tickets Resolved. Doesn’t this work any more?

Most times I try to keep things in RT instead of coding or using modules. So I wish to solve this with Scrips in RT like described in the wiki (see below).

In fact I have to open tickets in different queues, too if not only deny to reopen the ticket send an answer the requestor.

Best regards, Andre.