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report for the new RT 3.4.2 mail threadingDate: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 13:47:23 +0200
From: Petter Reinholdtsen
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[Alex Vandiver]

I’m Alex Vandiver, one of Jesse’s minions. I just finished
reworking the threading support a bit, and it seems to pass all of
your tests[1], and a few of mine as well, such as responding via the
web UI to an email ticket. I’ve attached a tarball – please test
it out and let me know how it works for you.

Great. Thank you. Vacation times have delayed the testing of this
patch, and I am still waiting for the main admin of our RT
installation to return from vacation and conferences so I have not
been able to test it yet. He will return next week, and I hope to
have time to test it then.

A new test has been suggested, based on feedback from users of the
previous patch. The “ticket resolved” email in that version did not
include thread information. Did you change this? I believe it should
be “attached” to the last message in the ticket, or the first one if
the latter is very hard.

[1] With the exception of test #2, which I think we have all
resolved to disagree on. :slight_smile:

Yeah. Thought it would be great if it was a configuration option to
enable this.

Changelog for RT 3.4.4 says:

r3094 | kevinr | 2005-06-08 18:44:39 -0400 (Wed, 08 Jun 2005) | 4 lines
Changed paths:
M /rt/branches/3.4-RELEASE
M /rt/branches/3.4-RELEASE/bin/
M /rt/branches/3.4-RELEASE/html/REST/1.0/NoAuth/mail-gateway
M /rt/branches/3.4-RELEASE/lib/RT/Interface/Email/Auth/
M /rt/branches/3.4-RELEASE/lib/RT/Interface/
M /rt/branches/3.4-RELEASE/lib/t/regression/06mailgateway.t

r4080@sad-girl-in-snow: kevinr | 2005-06-08 18:35:07 -0400

  • Applied Ruslan Zakirov’s ext-mailgate patch, which allows you to take or
    resolve tickets by e-mail.

The new version broke our own e-mail support. Is Ruslan’s e-mail support
the reason why? Is this e-mail support documented somehow? Please have a
look at, email
administration of RT tickets.

Will BP include new patches/functionality if we pay them to do so? New
versions will sooner or later always break our own improvements.

Tomas A. P. Olaj, email:, web:
University of Oslo / USIT (Center for Information Technology Services)
System- and Application Management / Applications Management Group