Replay over email does not trigger appi


when I am replaying over email, this does not trigger api. The condition is “On comment”, whould be something else. Should I use in this case on “On Correspond” and Action “Notify Other Recipients”?

thank you!

Depends on if the email is a comment or a reply, since the scrip isn’t running I would assume it is a correspond not a comment

Thank you. If you replay over email i will get the ticket info (text, attachments,…) the same way as it is commet via RT?

There is usually a comment and a correspond email address associated with your RT, I think its safe to assume this is the correspond address. They are different actions, a comment only the AdminCc users or those with rights to see a comment on a ticket/queue will see the email. While a correspond (reply) all users (this is used to reply to requestors typically) will receive the email.

Ok, thank you! I need to check. I will post my results here :slight_smile: