Replay/comment on ticket, select Custom Fields


when I am replaying or commenting on ticket I need to add also few things on Custom fileds as this is mendatory for me. But the windows that opens when I replay/comment do not have custome fileds. Can I add this?

thank you!

If you want to make some custom field values mandatory before allowing a status change you can do the following:

If you only want to show custom fields on update you can see this extension:

@craig thank you!

Do you maybe know if I can restirict this only to certain tickets? Becuase I must set this as mendatory only for one vendor?

You can apply the rules to a specific queue, I think you will need some custom code to have it only apply to a specific user


I do not need to restrict to certain user, more like restrict to vender to who ticket belongs to.

Let say like this. if ticket has custom filed “test” and if this this is not empty then do custome fileds as mendatoy.

Trigger can also be something else.

See this bit of the documentation, it should allow you to configure the desired bahavior:

@craig, you are the best :slight_smile:

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