Repeat Ticket Recurrence Schedule not working

I have installed RT-Extension-RepeatTicket a while ago. It does create new tickets, but I could never get the scheduling to work right. Mostly, it would always create the new ticket the next day. Is this a bug?

Yesterday I created a Recurrence with “Lead time” = 0, “Concurrent active tickets” =1, “Pattern” =Yearly, Every 5 January and “No end date”.
This morning, there my new ticket is! We are 363 days away from when the ticket was supposed to be created.
My crontab:
14 1 * * * rt /usr/local/share/rt44/plugins/RT-Extension-RepeatTicket/bin/rt-repeat-ticket

I am also experiencing that trouble. So I’ve asked BP and let’s wait for the answer.

BP pointed me to Ticket Lead Time parameter which was crucial to understand the functionality of this plugin. Lead time can not be 0 then you get unexpected results. The functionality is following. When you create a ticket with recurrence ”Lead time” = 4, “Concurrent active tickets” =1, “Pattern” =Yearly, Every 5 January and “No end date”, the recurrent ticket will occur only on 1st January with Due Date on 5th January.