Removing users

Hello all,

I am wondering how much of a bad thing I will be creating myself if I remove some users. I want to remove users with phpMyAdmin of people who has shown up on a ticket a couple of times on the CC lists.

The reason for removing them is because they entered them wrong and now it shows something like this…

Emailaddress ; emailaddress <== basically people using semicolon and not the coma to separate people on the CC lists. So because of that, RT added them as 1 person with that email address.

I’m using RT 3.0.11. I only want to remove users that has shown up 1-3 times on a ticket on the CC list and not requestor lists.

Jonathan Chen

IS Systems Administrator

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Hi All,
We’re working on a new RT installation, and wound up importing
the wrong user database, so we’ve got 2000 of the wrong users set up in
None of the users in question have interacted with any tickets.
I’m wondering what database entries are made when a new user is created,
so that I can work on cleaning them out.
Also, what is it that defines a user as priveledged? I was
noticing that there isn’t a Priveledged field in the User table.
Thanks a lot for the help.

Erek Dyskant