Removing user signature


I’m searching for a method to remove specific parts from the incoming email, like specific image url, text etc.
All incoming emails will create a ticket and will be received from a single domain, and most of the users keep their signature which contains 4-5 images that ends up as attachments on the ticket.
I want to avoid all those attachments and to remove them so the ticket will be created without.

I tried to understand how custom scripts, actions etc works, but I couldn’t figure this out.

Any help will be useful.


The scrips won’t stop these attachments being created because the ticket transaction (and thus all the components from the email) will already exist by the time the first scrips are fired off by RT. Probably the best you can do is to search through the transactions for the attachments and then delete those after they’ve been created, but that might be tricky if they’re signatures because each one will be different.

Well, my intention is to remove only the images from the signatures, which are the same links in 95% of the cases.

You mean to modify in DB? If yes, that might be a solution, but will have to run so many times and stress the server so much