Removing quick ticket button

Currently users get auto-created by emailing a specific email address
and added to various groups with permissions. However, there appears not
to be a way to make these users privileged without manually checking the
box in the UI. This is fine. However, I’m noticing that privileged users
get the “New Ticket In” button at the top of the screen. I don’t like
this button and I want it to go away so users only see New Tickets in
the left-hand menu. Based on the info that this button is limited to
privileged users, I went hunting for the code to remove it, but I’ve not
been successful.

I’m also finding that superusers do not see New Ticket on the left menu,
and it would be handy to have this once the Quick Create button goes
away. Any idea what permission defines this?


Kimberly McKinnis

System Operations Engineer

Service Provider Division, TiVo Inc