Removing Drop Down Options

Using RT version 5.0.2

The top menu displays “Home/Search/Reports/Articles/etc”. How do I remove some of these options from the website?

Many of them are not useful for my application, I would at least like to make them not visible to the end user.


I’ve only ever added to the menus, not taken away. I suppose you could CSS them away as each top level menu has it’s own id value. It may be possible (I have not looked so I could be totally wrong) to use the Rights to remove some of these. Another option would be to modify with a local overlay, but I’d definitely look at the CSS route first.

We use a callback to modify (add/remove menus and items) on our RT instances. This lives (in our case) under /opt/rt5/local/html/Callbacks/LocalTabs/Elements/Tabs/Privileged. You can also have one for SelfService as well.

In it we remove menus like this:


To remove a menu item we do this:

my $prefs = Menu->child('preferences');

You can also remove page menus:

        my $feeds = PageMenu->child('more');
        if($feeds) {
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I have successfully removed drop-down menus and menu items with CSS. I used the Admin → Tools → Theme menu to access the custom CSS editor and added lines like

#li-assets { display: none; }
#li-admin-assets { display: none; }
#li-search-assets { display: none; }
#li-tools-approval { display: none; }