| I’m running RT 3.0.12 and RTIR 1.0.5.
| When I resolve (or abandon) an incident, I get to the screen
where I can
| enter some comments about the resolution. After I enter some
| and click on the submit button, I’m returned to the same
comments page.

Ours does similar. We click “resolve” and the incident is
resolved, but
any comments we add in the resolve page “message” box are not
recorded as
part of the incident.

As far as I know when you resolve a Incident, if you are also closing
IRs or Invs, RTIR is writing the comment into the IRs and Invs, and
not into the Incident, but if you are resolving just the Incident,
because IRs or Invs belonging to the Incident were already resolved,
then the comment is only written in the Incident.

Like you, we get back to a page inviting us to add yet more
comments -
this time with a “reply” button instead of a “resolve” button. Any
comments added here are also not recorded. Strange!

Please, could you try the attached patch??? Make sure you can role
back, just in case the patch doesn’t work.

However, this is easily worked-around by adding comments by hand
attempting the resolve process.

We’re on RT 3.4.2 RTIR 1.1.5.

Useful to know that an upgrade won’t affect this issue!

I’m also now curious about how many JANET institutions use RTIR!

You’ll have to ask to JANET-CERT if they keep some tracking on that,
when I was there, I think you were the only team I knew.


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