Remove bogus users & related tickets

To list,

I have a few very old, very bogus (created when we were playing around 

in prod) users that created some tickets for testing purposes. I checked
the database and the only groups the users are in is the UserEquiv type
and as creators in some test tickets. I found the tickets and the
attachements in the DB (Oracle). I would like to remove the users and
have done so before, but they were unprivileged and had no relation to
any tickets. This situation is different because they are the creators
of some tickets that are of no consequence (test tickets). My list of
affected tables is:


Are there any other tables I need be concerned about? I was going to 

use Shredder, but since I haven’t been able to even get Rights Matrix to
work (asked for help several times and get no response) in my 3.6.4
session, I’m not too confident I could download shredder and get it to
work. This is really a simple delete of these table records based on the
INSTANCE, MEMBERID, & OBJECTID values that I have for these records, so
I’m not too worried as long as I know of all the related tables that
need to be changed. Anyone?