Reminders - Send out email to a group of users

Hello everyone,

I have a question about ‘Reminders’ in RT (5.0.5). It’s about the e-mail notifications for the reminders.

Because you can only set one user as the owner of the reminder, the e-mail reminders only go to this one user. We need a option to add more users here so that they also receive an e-mail notification about the reminder. Are there already known possibilities and ways to do this? Or does anyone have a solution?

I have already experimented with the cronjob for the reminders as described at

With the query I restrict the job to a certain queue and with the action NotifyGroup I send the e-mail notification to a predefined group of users.

The solution is hard coded; the user cannot determine for whom he wants to set the reminder.
The creator of the reminder can no longer set reminders only for himself (the owner).

31 19 * * * root /opt/rt5/bin/rt-crontool --search RT::Search::FromSQL --search-arg ‘Queue = “Testqueue” AND Type = “reminder” AND Status = “__Active__”’ --condition RT::Condition::Overdue --action RT::Action::NotifyGroup --action-arg Testgroup --transaction first --template 'Autoreply'

Thank you

RT 5.0.5
MariaDB 10.3
Debian 10