Reminders do not work, please help


I’m trying to follow this guide and set up a crontab for the reminders module to work.

I added the following into /etc/cron.d/rt file:

0 6 * * * root /opt/rt4/bin/rt-crontool
–search RT::Search::FromSQL
–search-arg ‘Type = “reminder” and (Status = “open” or Status = “new”)’
–condition RT::Condition::BeforeDue
–condition-arg 2d
–action RT::Action::SendEmail
–action-arg Owner
–transaction first
–template ‘Reminder’

Then I changed 0 6 * * * to * * * * * so it runs every minute so I can test it and make sure it works.
I changed --condition-arg 2d to --condition-arg 2h \ so it sends a reminder 2 hours before the reminder is due.

I create a reminder and when it’s 2 hours before due time, the reminder is not getting sent.

I thought it was a bad ‘Reminder’ template that was build into the RT templates. I tested it, putting it to a regular ticket update action, I update the ticket, and indeed, the ‘Reminder’ template does not work. Maybe because of some html error in the template. So I changed the template to ‘Transaction’ which is a known working template. It works when I create a new ticket.

Then I create another reminder, and when it’s 2 hours before due, the reminder still doesn’t work.

I also know that the other crontab jobs work because I tested it by setting the Full Text Index job to every minute, then create a new ticket with some unique words in it, and after a minute I can search for that word and it finds the ticket.

What could be wrong with my reminders setup then?

Also, I do not have mail gateway configured. In the RT documentation it says that all outgoing mail is handled by a built in utility. And I do receive emails about ticket notifications.



Maybe some of you experts will know this?


Have you tried running the command by hand and/or looking in the logs to see if there are any errors?


Yes. And you can also try what it does when you change the command to this:

/opt/rt4/bin/rt-crontool --search RT::Search::FromSQL --search-arg ‘Type = “reminder” and (Status = “open” or Status = “new”)’ --condition RT::Condition::BeforeDue --condition-arg 2d --action RT::Action::Notify --action-arg Owner,AlwaysNotifyActor --transaction first --template ‘Reminder'