Reload Config on the fly


I’m using 4.4.0, and i’ve edited Admin/CustomField to allow choosing the
CustomFieldGrouping. I’m guessing that at some point the grouping will
be stored in the CustomField table, but for now, it’s a config option.

If i change the grouping of a CF, or add a new CF i can rewrite the file
with the CustomFieldGroupings config option in (it’s in it’s own file in

Is there a way of reloading the config on the fly by just running
RT->LoadConfig and that new config be used for all future requests?


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I doubt calling the LoadConfig would refresh the config object in memory for all running instances of your webserver.

Are you really adding that many CFs to various groupings that you can’t (or don’t want to) restart your webserver?

yes, the customfields are “Products”, so their names are changed by
users, and also added.

eg Carrots (Standard) -> Carrots (Baby)

I’ve made a hack to recreate the file from
scratch each Modify and to touch a file that cron picks up to restart
the server, but it’s not ideal.

I would prefer to add a column to the CustomField table for Grouping and
use that, which i will do at some point.