Relationships in RT

Hello everybody,

        I am using RT 2.0 I know we have 4 types of relationships merge,

depends on, parent child, and refers to.

All I found was one document in the install design docs which explains these
relationships. I have used merge but I wanted more information on other
types of relationship.

Does depend on, parent child relationships have any business rule defined

  • Cant close a ticket if it depends on an open ticket
  • Reply to parent replies all child ticket.
  • Can’t close a parent if the child tickets are still open.
  • No loops allowed (41 parent of/depends on 40 and 40 parent
    of/depends on 41)
  • Etc.

As far as I think all this validations or business rule are not implemented.
Has someone tried to do any of these validations?

Is there a way one can try doing any of these rules?


Niranjan Patel