Regarding the test for Request Tracker


We want to automatically run tests on our instance of RT, as we modify it somewhat to suit our needs and our users. The testing suite that’s in the repository seems like a good place to start, but I have a few questions regarding the test suite.

Is it only suitable to run in a clean testing environment, or can it be run on a replica of the production database?
Does anyone have any specifics on what the tests does regarding the database?
Are there any complete lists which states what is tested, other then the tests/testnames themselves?

The RT testing infrastructure creates a new database with a fresh RT install for each run, so it would require some custom work to point at an existing DB and it may cause some test failures. As far as documentation on what is tested, the tests themselves are the best resource. Generally there is coverage for all normal functionality and additional tests in areas where bugs have been found in the past.

You can find some information on RT’s test suite here: