Reducing email overload

I’ve been happily using RT since way back in version 1.0.3 or so. We’ve grown the department since then and are now starting to specialize. However, we still have too few people to read every reply and comment on every ticket.

I’d like to reduce the email overload for my team. I was wondering if there was a way to let them receive email notifications for newly created tickets, replies where they’re explicitly listed as a Requestor or CC, comments if they’re listed as an AdminCC, and nothing else. Is this possible?

Are there any other suggestions that would help us cut down on the number of “comments from someone else’s ticket” that they each have to read? I’m willing to make changes to Groups, active Scrips, etc. as needed.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Do you have your users currently listed as AdminCc/Requestor at the queue level? The easiest approach is to assign watchers at the ticket level so that only tickets where the watchers have been added will they receive updates.

You could create a scrip “On Create Notify Some Group” to ensure someone sees all create alerts at the very least, then they could hand out tickets.

For my instance, RT users are in different Groups (e.g. “WatcherGeneral”, “WatcherConfidential”, etc.) that map to the relevant Queue (e.g. “general”, “confidential”, etc.) Each Queue has its AdminCc list defined as that Group. The Global Scripts include On Comment / On Create / etc. triggering Notify AdminCcs.

Thinking through this, I suppose I can remove the Scrip for On Comment --> Notify AdminCc as Comment. The side effect is that we wouldn’t be able to manually add each other to tickets that we need to keep in touch about, because any manually added address in AdminCc for the ticket or the comment wouldn’t get messages. Right?

You also mentioned “On Create Notify Some Group”. How would I make that? Would that require creating a new Action? Can you point me in the right direction? I’ve never made an Action before.

Which version of RT are you on now? Do you have the menu option Admin->Global->Actions?

Version 4.4.3.

Yes, that menu is there. I just don’t know what to enter into the form, because I have no past experience with it.

RT users are in different Groups (e.g. “WatcherGeneral”, “WatcherConfidential”, etc.) that map to the relevant Queue (e.g. “general”, “confidential”, etc.) Each Queue has its AdminCc list defined as that Group.

This is why it is so noisy, you are telling RT to alert all the members of the group for each ticket in the corresponding queue. My suggestion is the following ( this may be too little notifications though ):

  • Remove those groups from the queue level AdminCc watcher fields

  • Create a new RT::Scrip ( Admin->Scrips->Create ) using the following and only apply it to the relevant queue:

condition “On Create”
Action: “Notify Confidential” ← this is a custom action you can make from that menu
Template: “Transaction in html”

You will need to make an action for each of your groups, but this allows for all the members to see when a ticket is created in their queue but not be subscribed to all the noise after the create unless they add themselves as an AdminCc/Requestor on the ticket.

Once a ticket is created your users are responsible for adding themselves to it if they need to get continued updates.

For the custom action, you can use the existing action module “NotifyGroup” and just pass the name of the group you want to alert as the argument.

But it will still email ticket owners, CCs, etc., correct?

Also: When I use Action in Admin --> Global --> Actions --> Create, I see four fields. They are Name, Description, Action Module, and Parameters to Pass. I don’t know what to put into Action Module and Parameters to Pass, but I assume that the others are human-readable fields. I think I understand the rest of your suggestion, but creating a new Action is where I’m stumbling. Can you provide a pointer?

Module: NotifyGroup
Parameter: group name

I just finished making these changes to the relevant queues. Everything seems to work exactly like I had hoped. Thank you so much for the guidance, knation!

I guess I still had the old version 1.x or 2.x design for Watchers instead of the more granular system available now. This is going to be very beneficial. I really appreciate it.

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