Redirecting mail

My company is still in the process of introducing RT3, and I’m predicting that
our clients are going to sometimes mail internal personel directly, rather
than RT. This mail will have to be then ‘redirected’ (rather than forwarded)
into RT on a per-email basis. Redirecting it will allow the headers to
remain (mostly) intact, which is good, but…
Is there a simple way to prevent scrips from running for these particular
emails - I wouldn’t want RT to respond to the ‘requestor’ in these cases.
Or do I have to add a condition for each relevant scrip:
e.g. if ‘From’ header contains ‘by way of X’ => don’t run scrip, where X is a
company email address, or something?


When we bounce mail into RT, we let the scripts run. This generates the
appropriate auto-reply to the requestor. Then, actual replies are done
through RT.


Thanks - this makes absolute sense… wasn’t thinking straight!