Recommend Indexes and other hints, tips on running smooth RT?

RT 3.82, MySQL 5.0.67, Apache 2.2.11, Mod-Perl 2.0.4.

Is there a reasonably current compilation of recommended hints, tips, suggestions on having a smooth running RT system? Someone mentioned a memory leak in mod-perl and restarting Apache daily. There are many mentions of this index or that index and I’ve no idea which (if any or all) would be a good idea to have.

The hardware, the MySQL database, and the Apache webserver are all solely dedicated to the RT system. I don’t mind suggestions that might negatively impact an aspect of the system unrelated to RT (since there really isn’t anything else on here.)

There have been a lot of index suggestions (some about Query Builder, or RT-Shredder, or during an upgrade/migration process of database or RT system, etc.) I try to sort at least by date to hopefully get more current messages. I’ve no idea if these indices some regarding RT 3.4, others regarding MySQL 4.x, etc.

The system works fine, and I suppose a not-broke-don’t-fix approach also works :slight_smile: But I figure if there’s anything I can do to help make the RT experience better, that’s good too :slight_smile:

For starters, I’ll restart Apache daily around 2am. May as well :slight_smile:


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