Receiving invitations

We have noticed that when folks send invitations via RT (which they should not, but sometimes do), the attachment is not included in the ticket. I suspect this is because the attachment has a MIME type of text/calendar and is implicitly ignored, but I have not confirmed this in the code yet (4.4.2). Is that intentional behavior?


I do not know what is “Invitation” in your RT but i think you use scrips and templates for your invitations.
You need add such text in first (or below but before empty line) with such text:
RT-Attach-Message: yes
This code means to include attachments in email message.

It looks like the issue is that calendar invitations are sent as
multipart/mixed with the text/calendar as just another view within that
container. The code in RT selects text/html or text/plain, and ignores
the text/calendar part. This seems to me to be correct behavior, but
the end result is the actual invitation details are lost. I am looking
at using an inbound procmail filter to convert that part when present
into a separate attachment outside that group.

The best/right answer is for people not to send calendar invitations to
RT, but since we all try so hard to make it work transparently with
email, not losing the invitation would be a Good Thing :).


My bad – I meant multipart/alternative not multipart/mixed. It looks like the issue is
not that it is filtered inbound, but outbound. Trying a overlay on to fix:

no warnings qw(redefine);

package RT::I18N;

sub IsTextualContentType {
my $type = shift;
($type =~ m{^(?:text/(?:plain|html|calendar)|message/rfc822)\b}i) ? 1 : 0;


Fingers crossed…