Re Sub queue

Your queries are all fairly standard, and in fact, some of your
requested functionality is part of the standard package and manual. I
suggest reading the README’s and looking at ,
because I can assure you now, you’ll wait for ever and a day for people
to answer queries that are dealt with in the README or Wiki.

For your benefit:
SubQueues: No, these aren't supported, but you dont need them. You 

use the Groups functionaility. I have queues called Support,
Support-Dial, Support-DSL and Support-Hosting. The Group “Support” is
the AdminCC for all 3 groups, and I have permissions set allowing
"Support" to have full access to Support, Support-Dial, etc.

Check Status of Ticket through web:
Can be done, but probably not very smart: Means anyone can read 

anyones ticket and corrospondence. What if theres sensitive information
or passwords in it? I think you’d better think a bit better about what
you want to achieve. If you REALLY still want to do something this
hazardous, then hey, just set the global privlege “Everyone” to beable
to “SeeQueue” and “SeeTicket” and “SeeComments”. Then check out the
SelfService function of RT

Emailing tickets to users:
Sheesh man.. have you even read a manual? create a group if there is 

multiple users, or list the specific user as an AdminCC. AdminCC’s get
all comments/corrospondence, CC’s just get Replies.

Project Management:
Google the mailing list - but really.. use your own head, its not 

that hard. Write some Scrips that accomplish what you want.

Look at RT3Statistics

And lastly, cause I want to rant…Take 5 minutes to RTFM my friend!!!




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