Re-opening of new tickets

I’m having some problems with the re-opening of new tickets. Specifically,
we have a number of queues – Support, Abuse, and testing. All three are
exhibiting different behaviours with respect to resolved ticket correspondance.

When a ticket is resolved in the Support queue, and the requestor sends in
more correspondence, the ticket status is changed to “open” by RT_System as

Until last night, when a requestor corresponded on a resolved ticket in the
Abuse queue, it would not re-open. We changed the correspondence address
to abuse@ instead of abuse-correspond@, and it started to work as expected,
with RT_System changing the ticket status to “open”. Note that
/etc/aliases and .procmailrc file both directed the two addresses to
exactly the same location.

And right now, the testing queue is showing the same behaviour as the Abuse
queue was before – tickets are not re-opened. Correspondance is still
sent out to the watchers/owner, but the ticket status has not been
changed. I’ve tried changing e-mail addresses as per the Abuse queue, and
I’ve tried completely changing the e-mail address. The Requestor has the
same permissions on all queues, as does Owner and Everyone. Scrips are
more basic in this queue as opposed to the other two, but I didn’t think
this would make a difference.

I’m pretty sure it’s a configuration issue – can anyone help me with what
I’ve missed?