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Thanks! I’ve been playing with the cookie settings, and changing the
security zone of the server, but nothing is working. It works fine with
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Lower your cookies settings or set your browser to always accept cookies
from your RT web server.


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Hello again,

This appears to be a problem with Internet Explorer 6, but only on a
remote machine (any remote machine). It works fine on a remote machine
running Firefox, or the localhost/server if it’s running IE. Is there
something I have to do to confiugre IE on the remote machine?



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Subject: Login problem


I just set up RT 3.0.11-2 on a Windows 2000 Pro box. I logged in from
another windows machine, and every time I try to choose a different
screen, I am prompted to log in again. Once I do, I am shown the correct
page, but I’d like to know how to fix it. Logging in from a Fedora
machine, I can go between different screens without having to log in
over and over.

Any help would be appreciated.



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