Random thoughts

we’re running RT 5.0.1 and are always looking for ways to tweak the experience. My manager asked these questions of me and I didn’t have any immediate answers…thought to check here!

Just wondering if there is any way to make the create ticket function in the self-service portal more visible. Alternatively, can we just change all the links on the web pages to https://rt.lakeheadu.ca/SelfService/CreateTicketInQueue.html ?

Also is there an addon for API access to Request Tracker that provides data back in JSON format?

Just noticed, but disregard the question of changing the links…that’s internal to our organization

REST2 is core and returns JSON:

I’ve not tried this (as most of our non-priv users interact with the service desk via email, and occasionally local custom request forms that generate RT tickets behind the scenes), but what about if you turned dashboards on for the self service users ($SelfServiceUseDashboard in the RT_SiteConfig.pm) and then gave them a dashboard with some version of the QuickCreate portlet, plus any canned searches you might want them to have (eg their own open tickets).

There’s an idea on the QuickCreate portlet…how would I go about copying that to the selfservice dashboard?

Check out the last bit of the RT 5.x “Writing Portlets” documentation as that might be what you need. As I say, its not something we’ve done here.

What if you enable


Then add the quick create to:


Thanks for sharing this info this is useful keep it up.