Random additional requestors

Hello all,
I am running version 3.2.0 and have run into a problem durring
approvals that sometimes more requestors are added to the approval
ticket than the original ticket had… I am having a very difficult
time tracking down the source of this problem and was hoping someone
could see the error or point me in the right direction. Here is the
template we are using to create the tickets. (see below). Most of the
time the aproval is created right and only has the requestors from the
parent ticket but sometimes it has extras. I have not been able to
recreate this when i’ve been making tickets but i do have several
examples of the approvals with extra requestors on them. Any input
would be appreciated.

-Karl Pietri
LAN Tech
Northview Public Schools

===Create-Ticket: approval
Queue: MApprovals
Type: Approval
Owner: {

my %admins=(
“High School” => “MThomas”,
“Crossroads” => “AScogg”,
“Highlands” => “DDuba”,
“East” => “JCare”,
“North” => “COconnor”,
“West” => “THampel”,
“AltEd” => “SThomas”,
“Special Ed” => “DHeitzman”,
“Admin” => “MSkudre”,
“Athletic” => “BDailey”,
“Bus Garage” => “SMullins”,
“Food Service” => “KHahn”);

my $building=$Tickets{“TOP”}->FirstCustomFieldValue(9);
my $owner = $admins{$building} || ‘DMcKellar’;



my $requestors=$Tickets{“TOP”}->Requestors;
my @emails=$requestors->MemberEmailAddresses();
foreach $item(@emails){
$out.=“Requestor: “.$item.”\r\n”;
Depended-On-By: {$Tickets{“TOP”}->Id}
Refers-To: {$Tickets{“TOP”}->Id}
Content-Type: text/plain
Content: Your approval is requested for the ticket
{$Tickets{“TOP”}->Id}: {$Tickets{“TOP”}->Subject}