Quoting program (shopping cart-type features)

OK, I know this is far from the typical uses of RT, but we have an
idea… :slight_smile:

We’re looking at RT to provide dealer and customer support. Most of our
delivery problems consist of dealers not ordering the proper parts, or
the factory (us) putting the wrong parts in the box.

So, what we want to do is to incorporate a quoting system in with RT, so
that a dealer can spec a machine as part of a support ticket. This
makes sense since each machine is semi-custom, and we (the factory)
approve each order.

So what we need is something like the following:

The dealer starts a support ticket for a possible sale. He enters the
sales requirements, customer info, application, and so on. As part of
that, he selects the options that he wants on the machine. The only
complexity is that some options require others - Option A might require
Option B, while selecting Option C removes Option A, and so on.

We also need disclaimers on some options; if a dealer selects Option X,
we need to warn him that the warranty will be void if the machine is
allowed to freeze, whereas without X, it can be left in the cold, and
these click-throughs need to be saved as part of the ticket.

Has anyone implemented anything like this?