Quick resolve ticket

I would like to close the ticket with one button, assign myself as the owner and send a message to the reporting person that the issue has been resolved. Something like “quick resolve”

Can you tell me where to start?

Check out the plugin “RT-Action-AssignUnowned”.

We use that plugin to do what you want. When someone goes to resolve a ticket (Okay, fine it’s 2 clicks, they click “Actions” → “Resolve” and if the ticket is not owned by them, it assigns that person to be the owner if the ticket is “Unowned”.

Oh and the part about sending a message, you just set the template for “On Resolve” to contain exactly the text you want to send on every ticket resolve, so you can leave the text box (the pink one) empty… You won’t need to fill anything in.

RT also already has a template for “On Resolve” and that may likely fit the wording you’re already looking for.